About Us

Hello let me introduce you to Budclix

Here at budclix we offer no minimum cashouts

With no fees what so ever you will never be charged any fees

By PayPal we will cover any fees 

We offer at least $0.05+ a day for all countries 

Simply by logging in and clicking a few ads

We have many offer walls to boost your earnings 

By a lot bigger amount enjoy $5-$40 a day easy

By using our offer walls

We also offer offer wall contests

A jackpot (tickets)

A ptc clicking contests 

Many random paid to click bonuses 

Where we give limited clicks of 0.05 - 1.00

For these they are very very limited to max 5-20 clicks then 

They are gone we are not a scam that promises all ten cent ptc ads or something like that

We are here to permanently last we also offer many giveaways on holidays such as

New years day,St Patrick's day,Easter,Halloween,Budclix site anniversary of December 14 (official launch day) and last but not least Christmas.

We also offer many competitive advertising deals and so much more 

So check that out as well and so much more

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